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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions about Super Fantasy. You can also check out the Gameplay and Game Rules pages for more information.

Super Fantasy, or SF for short, is a next level PL fantasy football game where fantasy football meets pack openings. Instead of having a set budget to choose your squad, you must build your team and set your lineups using cards you have received from packs.

Contests operate on a gameweek basis, so you can leave those bad gameweeks in the past and start afresh with the next gameweek.

Yes! Euros is coming to Super Fantasy. There will be an app update soon and you will be notified of this by email and your app store. We are just waiting for final squad announcements.

A reminder that all cards and coins start afresh for all users upon each new competition. Anything collected during the PL 23/24 season will be removed before you begin playing the Euros game mode.

Further details that differ from the PL version of Super Fantasy will be published here once the game is live.

Yes! You must be 18+ in order to play Super Fantasy. We conduct age verification checks as well so don’t try sneaking in if you’re under 18.

Super Fantasy is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. All PL fantasy football contests in-app are free-to-enter.

Once you’ve downloaded the Super Fantasy app, registered and entered the game, you’ll receive a FREE pack of ten random PL player/team cards to enable you to build your first Super Fantasy squad!

Your FREE initial pack will include one gold card, three silver cards and six base cards. At the start of each new season, every returning user is treated as a new sign-up and therefore receives a FREE 10-card pack to get started for the season.

You will also receive 300 SF Coins, when first playing each season, to get you started in the marketplace. Spend them on packs or cards to build your squad.

It’s super simple, see our step-by-step guide here.

All fantasy football lineups confirmed are automatically entered into the next gameweek contest. Build your squad options by opening packs and acquiring cards in the marketplace using SF Coins.

There are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on more packs in SF 23/24.

Head over to the marketplace and use your SF Coins to pick up rarity or positional packs. Login every day to accumulate rewards through the login reward benefit. Refer the game to friends and be rewarded with coins to drive your #SFSquad to glory!

SF Coins are the must have item to do your wheeling and dealing in the marketplace. Find your coin balance in your profile.

SF Coins can be acquired in-app, through the marketplace or via in-game features, or head over to our social channels to win coins in competitions and giveaways.

If you do purchase additional SF Coins, we strongly encourage you to control your spending and spend no more than you can afford. As per the General Terms, SF Coins (as well as packs and cards) have no monetary value and are not withdrawal or exchangeable for cash outside of Super Fantasy. Coins should only be purchased for recreational use within Super Fantasy and not for the purpose of making any profit or return.

Absolutely not! Super Fantasy is a free-to-play game and we believe in fair play for all, so when we say it’s free-to-play, we mean that you can compete and win prizes as a free play user.

To ensure this, we have carefully designed the game economy, giving enough cards and coins to all users, enabling them to build their dream #SFSquad. Free coins and cards are given to every single player on sign-up, and additional in-game items can be earned by logging in, referring friends and trading your way through the marketplace.

The card level is determined by the Super Fantasy Team before the season begins and this is not then altered as the season progresses. New incomings to the league are allocated a level as we see fit.

Gold, silver and base cards are more evenly split for SF 23/24, with each making up approximately a third. The selection of each card is based on their previous season score, alongside expectation of their score for the season ahead.

Our tech team were super busy over the summer, updating Super Fantasy and adding new features for 23/24, including; challenges, mini games, legends cards and more!

No problem! Your chances of winning start afresh every gameweek of the season. Each gameweek is a separate contest where all users begin with zero points.

Cards collected are simply part of the game and are not owned outside of the game by users. You can use cards collected in your fantasy team or sell them on the marketplace for SF Coins; however, you cannot exchange or withdraw cards (or even SF Coins) for real money. At the end of the season, the game is reset and all cards are removed.

Mobile number verification is required for you to sell cards on the marketplace. This prevents a person creating multiple accounts and then transferring coins through marketplace activity, which is strictly prohibited in Super Fantasy General Terms.

Our partner Cashpoint pays prizes for the 40 best teams every week. 7.500 kr. in cash and 2.500 kr in freebet per game round. Check the leaderboard after the gameweek has finished to see what you’ve won. Prizes are the responsibility of If you have questions regarding prizes, please contact cashpoint on